William Goldstein, CEO of Alpharetta’s StaffHealth

Will Goldstein is a leader in the medical staffing industry. He is an advisor of StaffHealth.com and NurseShifts.com. His businesses provide qualified Registered Nurses and Allied Health Professionals.

Prior to establishing NurseShifts, in Atlanta, GA and sister company, StaffHealth, Goldstein had success with various other healthcare staffing businesses. He was previously President of PhysicianJobs.com.In 1992, Goldstein formed Nationwide Medical Services in Norfolk, VA. This agency grew at a quicker rate than any other other company in the medical staffing industry. Nationwide’s earnings increased more than three hundred percent per year in each of the company’s first six years in business. This growth permitted Nationwide to open more locations in additional places. Nationwide merged with industry leader Jackson & Coker, in 1997, to form J&C Nationwide, the most recognized name in the business. Will Goldstein remained CEO, until its sale in 2004. The consolidated organization would work with 165,000 physicians and healthcare providers.

Will Goldstein was also lead other medical industry ventures, such as MedCAREERS.com, once the Internet’s largest, site devoted exclusively to providing staffing and career solutions for medical professionals.This website would power the career section of WebMD and offered the Internet’s largest database of healthcare-related job opportunities and resumes.

Mr. Goldstein graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. He is an entrepreneur who is responsible for the development of many companies.Will Goldstein began his remarkable career as an entrepreneur in 1987when he acquired a local locksmith and security company with one location in Norfolk, Virginia. He grew that business to four locations and more than 20 mobile units, before he sold the company, in 1992. Ever since, he’s been involved in healthcare staffing and technology companies. His current ventures, StaffHealth.com and NurseShifts.com are again leading the way in the healthcare staffing business.

If you’d like to read about William Goldstein or his recent ventures, you should go to his blog williamgoldstein.press.