Vyre Network Brings…SightCTV: Exotic Travel Docu Series

The SightCTV channel on Vyre offers a multitude of docu series that took me on a journey around the world, exploring different regions and everything they have to offer.

One of the most breathtaking shows is Exotic Destinations 101, which looks into the hidden pieces of paradise across the globe. This series excelled at showing me new places and a different side to the places I thought I already knew. It’s an incredibly relaxing yet still informative experience.

Varun Sharma, the host of Inside Luxury Travel, offers a look into a life of luxury and comfort. He travels around the world meeting top chefs, staying at the best hotels, and taking in the attractions each city has to offer. It was a great show to live vicariously through, especially during quarantine.

The Story of Australia is a look into the past and present of Australia. It dives into Australia’s strong link to China that originated during the gold rush and has continued to flourish since. The show also looks at the farming, education, and stunning landscapes that set Australia apart.

The show Passport to the World explores the many natural wonders around the globe. One of my favorite episodes centered around a crew who traveled across the Atlantic Ocean. I had no idea all the unusual adventures and day to day struggles that can occur on a two month voyage at sea.

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