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Premium telescopic belt conveyor supplier? As one of the best loading conveyor manufacturer in China. YiFan Conveyor supply small individual conveyors, through to complete factory installations. The flexible roller conveyor systems use PLC control with distribution software, sensors, pneumatics and electrics. Our installation and service team are always ready for full support, locally or internationally. Total of 10 R&D Personnel in our factory including ID, Mechanical & Electronic Engineers. Our company has many years of experience in research and development of production data cable, charging solutions, mobile power tank etc. A professional sales team handle your orders, implements and follows up the production situation, and lets you know the progress of the orders. When we receive the customer’s order, the response will be reflected to our production department, and the delivery time will be the shortest. See even more details at telescopic belt conveyor manufacturers.

Belt Conveyor is widely applied in light industry, food, medicine and daily chemical industries. The conveyor can be equipped with working tables on both sides. With optional lights, air tubes, tool hooks, operation boards, instrument desks and sockets, it can act as various assembly lines. The advantages of belt conveyors are large and stable distribution, little noise, simple structure, easy maintenance, low energy consumption and cost. The modular belt conveyor can be customized in different specifications, materials, load capacity and other special functions.

The conveyor belt of the conveyor equipment is hardened and cracked? Possible causes: a. Damage caused by chemicals, acids, heat, surface roughness substances; B. Small diameter of drum; C, drum surface wear. Brittleness and cracking of the overburden: Possible cause: damage from chemicals, acids, heat, surface roughness. The upper covering glue of the conveyor equipment has longitudinal groove marks: Possible reasons: a. Improper installation of side baffle; B. The roller is stuck; C. Accumulate material debris; D. Too much impact of loading on belt buckle.

YiFan’s main products include flexible conveyor series. YiFan pays great attention to integrity and business reputation. We strictly control the quality and production cost in the production. All these guarantee the flexible skate wheel conveyor, flexible powered roller conveyor and flexible gravity roller conveyor to be quality-reliable and price-favorable. YiFan insists on the service principle to be active, efficient and considerate. We are dedicated to providing professional and efficient services.In addition to the rich manufacturing experience, YiFan equips ourselves with highly innovative and professional technical teams. We can effectively consider the different needs of customers and provide high-quality and professional roller and wheel conveyor services.

Belt conveyor equipped with different conveying auxiliary machines can produce and transport all kinds of PVC plastic pipes, profiles, plates, sheets, bars and granulation and other finished products or leftover injection waste scraps. According to the user’s different configuration requirements, the configuration structure to achieve the most reasonable transportation, in order to achieve the best automation and logistics quality. It can ensure the high consistency of extrusion performance of each similar extrusion equipment. Take the lead in the introduction of the most advanced design technology, so that the logistics in the delivery of more gentle and stable, closer to the actual needs. Special design of distribution box, large driving force, bearing imported original, high transmission life, can withstand greater pressure. The electrical system adopts imported original parts to the maximum extent, and has a number of fault alarm functions, less fault, easy to eliminate. Conveyor system design is special, easy to maintain.

Because the conveyor can continuously carry a large number of goods in a zone, the handling cost is very low, the handling time is more accurate and the cargo flow is stable, therefore, it is widely used in modern logistics systems. From a large number of the automatic three-dimensional warehouses, logistics distribution centers, large yards at home and abroad, its equipment in addition to lifting machinery, most of them are continuous conveyor handling systems, such as inbound and outbound conveyor system, automatic sorting conveyor system, automatic loading and unloading conveyor system, etc. Discover additional info at