Tadoba online safari travel tours

Tadoba national park is an extraordinary place to travel. If you want to observe diversified wildlife, to experience the incredible smell of the forest, to relax in the wild , going back to human land roots. There are many national parks in India, here is some information on them and especially on Tadoba National Park.

Bera village and its surroundings, in Pali Rajasthan district (between Udaipur and Jodhpur), are famous for the many leopards that roam freely there. Jawai Dam Crocodile Sanctuary is also worth a visit for some of the largest crocodiles you will ever see! You will be able to observe birds, hyenas, foxes and rabbits as well. The area is charming on the tourist route, but the hotel will arrange safaris. Stay at Bera Castle, or if you’re not on a budget, Jawai Leopard Camp. Also in the area, Bagheera Camp Jungle Retreat is recommended. Read extra details on Tadoba tiger reserve.

If you want to see wild tigers in India, forget about Bandhavgarh and Ranthambore. In this 1,700 square kilometer reserve, there is usually no question of whether you will see a tiger, but rather how much. The most recent census, conducted in 2016, estimates that the reserve has 86 tigers. Of these, 48 are located in the central area of ??625 square kilometers. In northeastern Maharashtra, in Chandrapur district. Tadoba is located about 140 kilometers south of Nagpur and 40 kilometers north of Chandrapur.

Must have for a Tadoba tour : A special detail for the ladies: before we left I read a good tip, which I unfortunately forgot. It is preferable to wear a sports bag, driving to and through such parks is very shaky, I guarantee you will appreciate a set of straps that do not slip off your shoulders every 5 minutes. Clothes with camouflage prints are to be avoided, Indians seem to have a certain phobia for military outfits, and even if they got used to it because it became fashionable, it would be better not to have them in their luggage. First-aid and relief medicines: pain, diarrhea, itching, sunburn, something against motion sickness, etc. See more info on https://tadoba-national-park-booking.com/.