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CRKT works with some of the best designers in the world, taking their designs and turning them into affordable knives that anyone can buy. The Provoke EDC is the knife they chose to highlight, one that was released a few years ago. It uses kinematic arms that pull the blade out the back and solves the shortcomings of the karambit. They wanted to make something more conducive to carrying in the pocket, making it thinner and a blade more suitable for everyday cutting tasks, and a simpler locking mechanism. The pocket clip lays flush and the blade rises a lot deeper than the traditional karambit.

Forgive us for stating the obvious, but the term ‘pocket knife’ refers to a handled blade which can be carried within a person’s pocket. And the most common iteration is the folder – a knife which has the ability to collapse into itself for easy, convenient, and safe portability. Typically, their blades fall between 2-6 inches in length and are made of some type of steel alloy. The handles are most often composed of metal, synthetics, and/or naturally occurring materials like wood or stone. And, though common conception would like to dictate otherwise, they are more practical tool than deadly weapon. What you may not know, however, is that the story of the pocket knife is thousands of years in the making and dates back further than the Roman Empire.

Do you have a butterfly knife with blunt edges so I don’t cut myself while I’m learning tricks? What we have, especially for training, are butterfly balisong trainers, which have neither edges nor a point, but at the same time act like real butterfly knives. What does “tossing” a butterfly knife mean? The basic concept of maneuvering a knife is for the sliding movement of one handle and blade, and the twist of the wrist, to actually rotate the handle you are holding.

Since the 1800s, pocket knives have seen exponential growth in both style and technology. From culturally distinct design developments – like the Japanese Higonokami, the French Douk-Douk, or the Italian Stilleto – to widely utilized mechanical advancements – such as the wide variety of different locking systems or the creation of new, stronger steel alloys – pocket knives have evolved far beyond their original inception while still retaining the core of their utility.

The Benchmade Mini Adamas is a shrunken and updated version of one of Benchmade’s biggest and toughest folders, the Adamas. In the update, the Mini Adamas was blessed with CRUWEAR Steel, which is a great improvement. Benchmade also updated the full-size Adamas and sells both the full-size and the Mini. The old version had D2, which isn’t bad by any measure, but doesn’t hold a candle to CRUWEAR. There was a lot of hype surrounding the release of the Mini Adamas, because people had been asking for a smaller version of the original, and I can say that the Mini Adamas lived up to the hype—and actually outshined it.

The Narrows was inspired by ultralight backpackers. There’s a lot of titanium gear in that space, so the challenge Benchmade gave themselves was how to make the lightest knife possible without compromising strength or performance. The Narrows has a 3D-milled 6AL titanium handle. It’s not just decorative mill for grip and aesthetics, but they also cored out the internals. Being titanium it retains its rigidity. The axis lock was upgraded for this model, able to eliminate the omega springs and thin out the knife, which also allowed them to cut weight without compromising performance. It also has bearings for the divots. It’s an extremely smooth, full-size knife, with M390 blade steel, but in a lightweight, compact product with a beautiful aesthetic.