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If the charge to be heated is of non-magnetic material, then the heat developed is due to eddy current loss, while, if the charge is of magnetic material, the heat will be developed due to both hysteresis loss and eddy current loss. Both the hysteresis and eddy current losses depend upon the supply frequency. The induction heating is used in the following applications : Inductive heating is used for surface heating, melting and soldering, etc.

How Induction Heating Works? Knowing the Faraday’s law is very useful for understanding the working of induction heating. According to Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, changing the electric field in the conductor gives rise to an alternating magnetic field around it, whose strength depends on the magnitude of the applied electric field. This principle also works vice-versa when the magnetic field is changed in the conductor. The coil used as an inductor, to which power is applied comes in various forms. The induced current in the material is proportional to the number of turns in the coil. Thus, for the effectiveness and efficiency of the induction heating, the coil design is important.

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