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Best custom panel tags supplier? Panel Tags Direct is a sub-company of Spectrum Engraving. Spectrum Engraving is a family-owned and operated company that was founded in Tempe, Arizona in 1983. We represent three generations of expert engravers. Panel Tags Direct was created with electricians, contractors, and other industrial workers in mind. We have been serving these customers locally and nationally for years and wanted to create a way for them to order tags and labels with a click of a button. Panel Tags Direct creates a platform where both pre-made tags and custom orders can be purchased. Find even more information at electrical panel labels. In fact, many individuals get the shock of their lives (no pun intended) once they suffer from negligence in handling electrical equipment right in their own homes. The same goes for companies. An employee handling electrical equipment without the necessary labels is in for a surprise of their lives.

Electrical contractors are companies that complete specific construction work related to the design, installation, and preservation of electrical systems. These firms are different from electricians, who are tradesmen. In these cases, the help of a qualified electrical professional is extremely necessary. Contracting companies hire electricians to work for them while each holds their own licenses and insurance. The licenses and insurance requirements vary from state to state.

Safe isolation is the key practice of any electrical work undertaken and anyone not employing this practice is not abiding by electrical safety laws and should be stopped if seen to be working unsafe in any way. Now isolate the circuit at the MCB in the consumer Unit with the locking off device and padlock over the MCB in order to stop someone from accidentally re-energizing the circuit Place your notice placard on the locking off device to show others that there is a reason why and when the MCB has been isolated. Test your voltmeter again at a known electricity source to make sure your voltmeter is still functioning correctly.

Avoid excessive usage or overheating of appliances and unplug them after usage. Unplugging some products such as a business’ printer may not be a timely solution during the business day, yet the printer can be unplugged at the close of the day. Older buildings can be more prone to electrical fires due to the deterioration of wires and associated elements. It is important to have professionals inspect the wiring of the building. If there is a closely imminent need for repair or complete restoration, it is strongly suggested not to wait. Find more details on