Best rated fashion presentations in 2022 with model Jordan Brooks

Professional fashion events today in 2022 from Jordan Brooks: Two years later, Jordan, who studied business before being scouted to model, dedicated to his Instagram and becoming a Travel Influencer, and trying his hand at acting which he claims is his ‘ultimate goal’. Over the course of the last two years, he has established himself with his sophisticated and timeless designs, and this month he is set to launch an exclusive collaboration with the storied heritage brand Allen Edmonds, a capsule of several offerings that reimagine its history and tradition from a contemporary, global perspective. “Allen Edmonds, to be very honest with you, is one of the brands that I researched from the beginning,” Brooks says. “It’s a 100-year-old company, they’ve been around for years, and I remember always researching them. They do really great shoes, very well-done stuff, so that was the point of departure for us: How do you take these well-made shoes and update them in a way that mirrors my storytelling, who I am, and my heritage?” Find even more information at Jordan Brooks.

Success. Wealth, abundance. It’s all I think about. That’s what I want, all I think about is being a successful actor, what I have always visualize is what giving back would feel like to the people that have given so much to me. I will get to the point where I can give it back and you can have your feet up and relax. I don’t care if I’m happy, so I’d gladly sacrifice my happiness if it means my family will be set for life. I joke about it but I’m serious, I wanna lose my mind in my career, I wanna be a billionaire recluse like Howard Hughes by the end of this, thats what feels like success to me.

Gabriela Hearst is choosing to focus on a specific climate solution in tandem with an overarching aesthetic reference each season. For AW22, this theme was ‘Rewilding’. A progressive approach to conservation that centres on allowing nature to take care of itself. By enabling natural processes to repair damaged ecosystems and restore degraded landscapes, wildlife’s natural rhythms can ultimately create more biodiverse habitats. As part of her research, Hearst spoke to the British author Isabella Tree, whose latest book ‘Wilding — the Return of Nature to a British Farm’ charts the story of her pioneering Rewilding project on the West Sussex farm where she lives. Hearst asked Tree how she deals with climate anxiety, to which she replied, ‘By living in the solution.’

Are there any other avenues of your career that you would like to explore? Oh absolutely! I really want to pursue acting, I always loved film and really just felt I can be an actor, and people have told me before that I should be one, but never really went for it now that’s all I want really, so I’d say that’s the one and only avenue I’m heading down, do loads of industry films, work with some of my favourite directors. What does a typical day look like for you? I honestly do to living an exciting life like at all, and depending on what i did 24 hours prior, I wake up around 9 or 10, eat breakfast, check my DMs on Instagram and other social media platforms, messaging friends memes. But if I have a shoot that day I make sure my face is clean with like face wash and all that, check for boogers. But yeah I’m really not that interesting.

That did not mean however, that we didn’t see some digital presentations, as many designers continued to adopt less traditional ways of presenting their designs, whether through imagery, film or something else unique. However, the emphasis was definitely on the traditional catwalk presentation. With the shows now officially wrapped up for another season, scroll down to see every major moment that took place on the catwalk. From New York, London, Milan and Paris, here is what autumn/winter 2022 is looking like.

We interviewed the Model and Travel Influencer Jordan Brooks, who after catching the eye of the fashion world, after appearing on LOVE Magazine. Ardent users of Instagram and followers of the fashion world might know Jordan Brooks as a model, comically named @imjordanbrooks.srsly on instagram, but a detailed look at him reveals a man who is beyond being one thing, with diverse interests and passions that reveal a curious and creative mind. His work has taken him across many countries, from Paris to London, showing off the admirable brilliance that has defined his for a majority of his life.