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Top college planning services? On the subject of grades, junior year is absolutely the time to commit more of your evening and weekend hours to your studies than ever before. An increase in course rigor means more pages to read, tougher math equations to work through, and more advanced concepts to master. Many elite schools like Duke University, Northwestern University, UCLA, and Pomona College see 90% of their entering freshman hail from the top decile of their high school graduating classes. This translates to earning mostly A’s in honors/advanced courses. There are other uber-competitive schools that are a tad more forgiving, but if you got off to a slow start in high school, now is the time to start acing classes and proving that you are on a sharply upward trajectory. There is no shortage of excellent institutions who will accept late bloomers whose cumulative GPA may not be commensurate with their ability.

Involve Your Family! When parents or guardians haven’t been to college themselves, they may think they can’t help you. That’s not true. They can talk to counselors and help you stay on the right path. Look For a Mentor! If you don’t find support at home, look for other adults who can lend their enthusiasm and help make sure you succeed. You might look to a counselor, a teacher, or someone else you trust. If you have a problem that’s really getting in the way of schoolwork, try to sort it out. Talking to friends helps. Or look for an adult – parent, coach, nurse, counselor – who can offer advice.

Stress Less! High school is already a busy time between courses, extra-curricular activities, and more. Then, on top of traditional schooling responsibilities, now there is a shift to a focus on the future as well, which can be incredibly overwhelming. I take the stress off of both the student and the parents by keeping everyone on track of what they should be doing and when, restoring a sense of peace for the whole family! Discover extra details at Custom college plan.

Includes everything in the Essentials Package PLUS: High School Course & Extra-Curricular Planning- Student’s transcripts are reviewed before receiving advice on courses and any necessary tutoring. SAT/ACT- Review and recommend a standardized testing strategy and timeline. Major Selection- Various assessments and counseling will help guide students towards potential interests, majors, and/or careers. Personalized Best Fit College List- With over 4,000 options, it is necessary to research, evaluate, and create a list of best fit schools for your student. There is a lot to consider: academic fit, financial fit, and social/cultural fit.

From tackling the milestones along the way of standardized testing and analyzing financial aid packages to making the final college decision, my job is to guide both students and families on the path to success. I’m fueled by my commitment to excellence and go the extra mile to make sure clients are fully satisfied with my work. The first thing I noticed about Tonica was her honesty and professionalism, in addition to her down-to-earth demeanor. She is experienced and knowledgeable in the education and college planning field which is crucial in guiding parents and students in unfamiliar territory. Although I had gone through the process once before, choosing a college and going through the admissions procedure is tough and different for every student. Find additional info on here.