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Butterfly knife online shop in Kyiv, Ukraine by We provide our clients with knives for any need: for fishermen, tourists, hunters and many other people who are interested in buying a high-quality and beautiful knife. You can deliver the knife to any point in Ukraine. After all, the company delivers its products to the buyer without any problems. It will only be necessary to coordinate the order. In fact, all knives must pass an examination, after which they will receive a certificate. The certificate will indicate that these models will not be classified as dangerous edged weapons. So the possession of such knives will be absolutely legal and legal. Read even more info on

Mora Knives are all made in Morakniv, Sweden. They’ve been making knives since 1891, producing some of the highest quality knives on the market, everything from entry level knives to the one highlighted at the show, the Mora Garberg with survival kit. The Garberg has been out for a few years. It has a high-quality stainless steel blade and full tank with polymer grip. What makes this one different is that it comes with a ferro rod and knife sharpener on the polymer sheath with leather belt loop. OCASO is out of Southern California, launched just 4 months ago. The idea behind the brand is to create an executive-style, light, slick-looking knives that you can carry in a suit or dress pant. They are working with some great knife designers.

According to Simon Moore in his book, Penknives and Other Folding Knives, the slipjoint – a mechanism that uses spring tension to keep a pocket knife blade extended – was invented sometime around the mid-1600s in England. Undeniably a titanic influence on pocket knives and a major part of their advancement, the slipjoint is still widely used today – even by more recently established modern knife makers, such as The James Brand. Slipjoint folding knives became widely popular with scholars and authors, to the point that they were referred to as penknives, for their usefulness in thinning and pointing quills for use in writing.

Who uses a butterfly knife? This shape of the blades suggests that the main purpose of the butterfly knife is strong penetrating injections. In Europe and America, balisong knives appeared after the Second World War. They were brought by American and British sailors who were based in the Pacific region. What is a Butterfly Knife for? Training butterflies indicate the purpose of their existence already in the name. As a rule, this is an analogue or similarity of the original knife, but without the removed cutting edge. Such knives are intended for learning various flipping tricks.

Benchmade: Creators of the widely lauded line of Griptilian knives, Benchmade is one of the newer pocket knife makers to have come onto the scene, but they have certainly earned a tremendous amount of respect from the knife community. With roots dating back to 1979, Benchmade was incorporated in 1990 – in California. Today, they manufacture more than 90% of their knives out of their Oregon City factory. Gerber: Founded in 1910 as an advertising firm, they began manufacturing their line of Gerber Legendary Knives in 1936 after Joseph Gerber mailed off 24 sets of kitchen knives to clients, receiving a wildly positive response. Many highly respected American knife designers have since worked with the company and many of their models are still manufactured here in the U.S.

The spearpoint blade shape on the Invictus is ideal for piercing and slicing cuts. The slight distal taper reinforces the point and while I wouldn’t use it as a pry bar, it can take abuse. The thickness is a good compromise between toughness and slicing. While the grip looks straight, it’s nicely contoured and has a deep finger choil for a secure grip in all conditions. Terrain 365 offers the knife with titanium, carbon fiber, micarta, and G10 handles.

The Tac Hunter is 4oz and 6.75 in length with a 2.5 blade made of D2 steel with a titanium wash. It has a G10 handle and a Kydex sheath that comes with it, which has a locking mechanism that appeals to many, allowing the user to move it from backpacks to belts, moving from vertical to scout to 45-degree carry. It’s a versatile knife that’s small enough to use as an EDC, great for skinning, and it’s also used by fishermen. It’s a great, compact, all-purpose knife.