Top Kalimba brands and learning easy tabs

Kalimba easy tabs and top brands list2020? Also known as a thumb piano, the Kalimba is a delightful instrument that is enjoyed by many players worldwide. It might not be the first instrument someone would decide to take up, but nonetheless, the Kalimba can give a truly rewarding playing experience.

Ammoon is a brand that can be trusted, as they have proven to us with several products. So, we’ve decided to include one of their kalimbas in our review – the Ammoon 17 Key. Besides the 17 key, this brand also carries a 10 key Kalimba for those who prefer fewer keys. This is another high-quality Kalimba from a brand that knows its stuff. It’s made from African piano wood which is really cool, especially considering the Kalimba has African roots. So, you can be sure that this is going to give you an authentic sound, which is as close to the real deal as possible. It comes with three sound holes including two at the back. These help to create a superb rich resonant sound when the instrument is being played. Looking at this Kalimba, you’ll see an instrument that promises to give an exotic feel. Mainly thanks to the African piano wood used to make it. And with the way the makers painted the tines, the entire ensemble looks quite enthralling, as well as, soothing at the same time.

The kalimba is an instrument from the family of idiophone instruments; of African origins, from the Shona region (Zimbabwe) it is also known as Mbira, Sansa, and it was introduced into the Western world by Hugh Tracey in 1920; the Kalimba is a modernized version of the Mbira and its evolution is a faithful reflection of the culture and essence of the regions where it has been played. Also known as a thumb-piano, it can be played by holding it with both hands using the thumbs (like a smartphone). Previously, it was made with sheets made of wood or bamboo, but over time its development led it to perfection by using metal sheets that were later adopted. See more information on kalimba tabs.

Constructed from solid Acacia Koa wood and Carbon Steel, the Moozica Kalimba is as much a piece of art as it is an instrument. Intricate finishing and pattern-work ensure the Moozica Kalimba looks fantastic, as well as delivering exceptional sound quality. The 17-key kalimba features a built-in pickup, along with a 6.35mm connection interface. With the ability to hook up to an amp or recording equipment, the Moozica Kalimba is perfect for use on stage or in the studio, as well as for playing at home or when you’re out and about.

This next kalimba is another 17 key option which seems to be the norm for westernized kalimbas. It is once again carved from solid mahogany giving it great natural acoustic properties, The tongue tines are made from manganese steel for a crisper sound with more attack and better brightness as it is tough but sufficiently flexible. It is again handmade and it has an intricate inlay around the sound-hole which is a little smaller comparatively than some on the market but creates a fantastic sound nonetheless. It has embossed notes on each key but in all honesty, they are a little harder to see that on the Gecko but it does come with green and red sticker decals to help make the learning process a little easier and much more visual. It also comes with a detailed booklet with some song arrangements to play from the get-go and is also sold with a protective EVA case with a tuning hammer. Read additional details on this website.