Meet Peter Voldness and some of his ideas

Who is Peter Voldness and some of his thoughts. He considered Tres Oros to be one of, if not the most, compelling projects of his storied career in precious metals and Culver agreed. But the property was not for sale. Over an 18 month period St-Michel’s Team carried out exploration of the site for the previous owners who planned to mine the property themselves (even though they had no mining experience). Then in 2018, the former Tres Oros ownership group experienced financial distress resulting from difficulties in other projects and began trying to liquidate assets. They approached Culver and St-Michel about acquisition of the Tres Oros property. In order to secure the property, Culver and St-Michel secured the necessary first payment in one night!

Peter Voldness is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of VTM Capital Management, Inc. and the Managing Partner of Novis Partners, LLC Capital Markets Advisory. Mr. Voldness was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Emergent Financial Group, Inc., an investment banking firm, since 1999. Prior to the founding of Emergent, Mr. Voldness was employed in various positions in the investment banking industry going back to 1978.

In an uncertain economy with growing political risk, Analog combines highly attractive investment attributes, years of experience in the finance sector, and a high growth technology product. The company’s portfolio currently includes two, near-production gold properties in Mexico – Tres Oros and San Fernando – and the technology platform Prospector, an AI-powered search engine designed for the mining sector.

Prospector offers a Service-as-a-Software (SaaS) platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a user-friendly way to access and analyze information. Prospector draws information from public exchanges and recently announced a collaboration with the leading global mining finance exchange, TMX Datalinx, which operates the Toronto Stock Exchange and represents 48% of publicly traded mining projects globally.

Prospector is an AI-enabled technology platform built to modernize the way investors and researchers search for and access information about mining. Founded in 2020 by global mining expert Emily King, Prospector created the industry’s first searchable digital database with an easily navigable interface that allows anyone to tap into information about the $144B mining industry. Prospector is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Analog Gold, a mining investment company.