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Best startup PR Agency by Trudy Darwin Communications? Is your tech company or startup struggling to break into a new market? Do you need a way to showcase your brand and create the initial growth needed to stake your claim in a market that is flooded with other, already established, tech firms? This is a very common scenario for many new tech companies and, whether your business relates to the growing fintech industry, blockchain or web dev tech, it can be challenging to get the start you need to establish your brand.

Best tech PR trends for 2020 – 2021 ? Integration With Marketing – PR and marketing together? Yes, and in 2020, this integration will become more popular than ever. By merging the two, your most relevant media wins can be shared across your media channels, both paid and owned. This means even more credible content and stronger brand recognition.

TDC is thrilled to announce we have been shortlisted for two Global Marketing Awards in 2020 for Best Integrated Campaign and Best Global PR Campaign. The Global Marketing Awards recognize and celebrate the world’s very best marketing agencies and most innovative campaigns across all marketing channels, regardless of where an entrant is located across the seven continents. The awards will feature 36 categories, and winners will be announced virtually on October 15, 2020 in an online celebration of excellence. The judging panel comprises of several stellar marketing experts, many brand side marketers, who know what it takes to shine and succeed in a competitive world. A Global Marketing Award recognizes the best in world class marketing. Read even more information on

Client expectations must be set before any agency can begin to write up a thought-leadership article. That’s because PR clients often want to push how great they are, and how fantastic their products are. Whilst they may be great, editors want to receive content that’s informative and which focuses more on the issues of the day and how to overcome them than on the sales pitch of any company or any individual. This principle applies to placing any kind of thought-leadership article – whether it’s about how to make the most of the blockchain, investing in crypto-currencies, securing the cloud, Wide Area Network (WAN) data acceleration, or about the latest consumer trends.

Our proven Public Relations and Journalistic strategies have supported Fortune 500 companies and have launched over 40 startups into international markets. Business and technology editorial coverage in influential publications is the fuel to your digial media campaign. With the media’s validation, you can promote and influence return across industries, sectors and markets. Find more info on Trudy Darwin PR.

It’s a PR agency’s job to tell its clients’ stories to the media in ethical and compelling ways. Stories must appeal to the media to attract investors, market traction and possible business partners. The challenge in today’s media landscape is to know and understand the most effective strategies to get a clients’ stories in front of journalists so that they will be published and get the validation needed to be successful. When well-established and relevant media outlets need vetted sources for their articles about that company’s industry, on whom should they call?