Japanese-style coffee ritual pack online store from Remote Coffee

Luxury Japanese-style coffee online shopping by Remote Coffee? Forget about expensive take-away coffees or queues at peak time, cleaning up your coffee machine or replacing capsules on a daily basis. Simplify and avoid wasting more capsules, from today your brand can be more sustainable with our biodegradable filters!

The characteristics of Japanese Coffee: Japanese coffee drip can be simply pictured as little sort of a teabag but filled with ground coffee and the bag is cradled in an ingeniously folded, little paper stand, which suspends it over your cup. The only thing missing other than those talented baristas is a “latte art drawing” on the surface of the coffee. Other than that, coffee drip bags can bring you to the joy of having a well-balanced as well as rich mouthfeel coffee on your own. You can make it at home without needing to buy an expensive machine or order it in a cafe for that barista-quality brew. Furthermore, they‘re easy to play recipes according to your taste bud

Our coffees are sourced ethically and directly with producers, and our top roaster is directly involved in different cooperation development projects. We are the only players in the market using biodegradable filters and eco-friendly packaging materials to fight against the environmental issues that capsules and pods are causing to our planet every single day. For quality and durability purposes we pack our coffees individually with nitrogen to preserve the freshness of the first roasting day up to 6 months. We also hold FDA, ISO SGS and HALAL certifications to ensure trustability and top quality to our future customers and partners. Read additional information on Remote Coffee.

Adapt the japanese coffee ceremony style to elevate your guest experience and increase brand loyalty. Remote Coffee is based in UK and Singapore. We have a distribution point and warehouse in Singapore and a logistic centre in London. All our products are in stock and can be shipped within two weeks from Asia to Europe, but for customizations or specific requests regarding equipment leading time can take up to four weeks. We have an express contract with DHL and UPS, meaning your 1000-order-samples should not take more than a week from the moment we dispatch, but due coronavirus shipping delays may occur. For any returns or collect options we can provide our UK address. Remote Coffee Drip bags are packed individually to guarantee you a clean and risk-free coffee even during COVID-19.

My ultimate goal is to promote the Slow Coffee culture made in Japan throughout Europe and USA. Every bag is crafted for a ‘slow moment’ of the day, and each drip bag name is based in a secret concept from Japan that I encourage you to research about and apply it inmediately to have a more productive, minimalist and happier life. My name is Monica and as you can probably tell, I love drinking coffee and Japanese culture! I am also part of the growing number of people who have become remote workers, so I often find myself in co-working spaces, hotels, and Airbnbs. See additional info on Remote Coffee.