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High quality brick recoloring solutions Denver, CO with Matt Brax: Consider painting the grout a new color to give your house a new look. Transforming existing grout to a darker or lighter color will alter the overall perception of the brick and home. This delicate task can be more time-consuming, so smaller areas might benefit most from this update. Painting your whole house can be a budget-busting project. Plus, the upkeep is often brutal. So if your brick is in decent shape, why not consider a minor job and boost the exterior brick by painting your shutters and trim or adding a pop of color to your front door. Matthew Brax is also the Owner of Certified Watches LLC and operations manager at CertifiedBling.com Discover even more information on Matt Brax Denver, CO.

For interior brick, use only small amounts of water and be sure to cover the floor with plastic. For exterior brick, cover plants and garden beds with plastic. Let the brick dry for a full day before staining as a surface free of moisture is best for the application process.1 If you clean the brick in the morning and the weather is warm and dry, the brick may be dry enough by the end of the day for staining. Switch out the previous drop cloths for new, dry ones. Tape up to the edge of the brick. Wear waterproof gloves, work clothing, and shoes, plus eye protection.

When wondering what to do with a tired, outdated stone fireplace, you might have asked yourself, “Can a stone fireplace be painted?” The answer is, “Yes!” A painted stone fireplace can change the look and feel of your entire room. Changing the color of your stone can transform a dark depressing space into a light bright area where you look forward to spending time. Whether you paint over a stone fireplace with a watered down primer or paint with a regular latex or oil-based paint, you can tone down the look of dark, multi-colored stone and create a softer, light, bright more modern look for your complete stone fireplace makeover.

Matthew Brax Denver, Colorado premium exterior staining solutions: When applying whitewash, you will need both a paintbrush and an old rag. It will be a very watery mixture so you will need the rag to wipe the excess. You’ll want to start at the top and work down so that it doesn’t drip any whitewash onto completed sections. You can control this process by controlling the thickness of the whitewash you apply. The thicker you make it, the more you’ll have to pat and dab. When whitewash dries, it typically looks more opaque than when it’s wet. We would recommend applying different variances of whitewash thickness on scrap bricks and letting it dry for a day or two to see how many coats you want to apply on the actual wall. Read additional information at Matthew Brax Grand Rapids, MI.

Next, create a 50/50 mixture of white paint and water. You can decide how much paint you want to mix at a time. Just make sure each time you mix, that there are equal parts paint and water. Use your brush to apply the paint mixture to each stone as well as the mortar, making sure you get in all the cracks and crevices. Work in one small section at a time. Most stone is porous and will soak up the paint as soon as it’s applied. You can wipe off any excess as you go. Since the mixture is thin and watery, there are no worries about seeing brush strokes on your stone.

Brick stain works best when applied to unsealed, clean, fully porous brick. It cannot be applied to painted brick. Stain will bead on top of the paint. For best results, use a paint sprayer to apply the stain. Since brick is so porous, it often needs several coats of stain. It will be faster and more efficient using a few passes of a paint sprayer vs. a brush or roller. Brick stain does not protect the brick, though it is possible to purchase brick stain with protective additives. The best place to buy brick stain is from a home improvement store, paint retailer, or an e-commerce site. It’s sometimes better to go into a store for paint swatches, but since the stain is dependent on the brick it’s being applied to, you can save yourself the trip and get it online.